Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. A few weeks ago, I posted about how my dad rocks when he donated a kidney to a fellow church member (both are doing well). So I thought I should also pass along about how blessed I am with both parents. My mom's one of those super-mom's also.

Here's her resume:

*Started out working at my grandfather's electric motor repair shop out of high school--not in the office, but actually getting her hands dirty and fixing the motors.

*Had me and my younger sis and raised us while still working. Helping me through my many sicknesses and ear issues in elementary school.

*When I was around 5th grade, she decided to go back to school to earn a degree. While being a full time mom she went to Seton Hill College (now university) and earned a degree in math and computer programming with a 4.0. That's right, a 4.0. And, boy was I reminded about it every semester when I fell short of it in college!!!!.......but in a good way :)

*She then started to work in downtown Pittsburgh and got her Masters Degree from Duquesne in the evenings (all while being a mom to a high schooler & middle schooler) and has worked at Mellon since then.

*She's done a bunch for the church, too, serving on boards, being an officer for the Pennsylvania American Baptist Women, traveled to Alaska for the Kodiak mission a couple of times, and many other things.

*Over the past few years, she's even become an avid triathlete supporter, making many of Beth's races (and even the one in Dallas I didn't go to). She made the 3am wake-up call in NYC last summer and trudged the miles around with us. She's traveled down to Columbia the past few years (and will again next weekend).

*During the race, her main job is being a photographer (and she's a pretty good one at spotting Beth). After the race, she becomes the medical personnel, helping Beth out in her recovery. In Portland a few years back she was helping Beth as Beth was throwing up after the race even!!! Only a mom(-in-law) could do that for someone!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I'll leave you all with some of her photography from Beth's races from the past few years:

Beth coming out of the water at Pittsburgh in 2007 (Mom's always able to spot Beth)

Mom's awesome shot of Beth as she's flying around a turn on her bike in Pittsburgh 2007

The sun rising over the hill and the fog on the lake at USAT Nationals in Portland in 2007.

Beth starting the run at the 2007 Columbia Tri (she was the amatuer champ)

This was my picture of mom taking a picture of Beth at Columbia.

Mom even expanded her photography to the pro's, capturing from above this nice shot of the female pro's coming out of the water at the NYC Tri 2008.

Mom always snuck in some shots of non-triathlon pics during the races. She's a big fan of going to botanical gardens and snapping HUNDREDS of photos of various flowers and plants.

Podium shot of Beth at NYC 2008.

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Beth said...

Yes your mom is one awesome mom!! I think I know where you got your good specthatlete genes!! :)