Saturday, May 16, 2009

Columbia Tri Weekend

We're here in Columbia getting ready for Tri #2 of the season for Beth. We're back at the hotel after a morning of small training. We stopped by the expo and I got another pair of $50 'once worn shoes' since both of us had a great experience with buying them last year (among other things). There are some storms rolling in this afternoon, but hopefully they won't be too bad. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, but that's mostly Chad's fault since it rains at every tri he's at (except Oceanside back in April).

My mom & Roxy the dog came, too. They're hanging out up in Frederick with my sister today and they'll drive down (35-40 min) tomorrow morning for the race.

Other than that, the WPIAL Individual Track Finals were Thursday. It was a nice day and only rain for about 30-45 minutes around 4 or 5 o'clock. Other than that, the weather was perfect. My two jumpers who were there had mixed days. The TJ had some awesome jumps but toe-fouled on all three--it was kind of windy and the gusts at her back I think were just moving her forward. We backed her up each time. But, it was a good year, she PR'ed at WPIAL qualifiers and is a senior next year. The LJ PR'ed and missed making the top 9 (for the medal round) by three inches. She's only a sophomore. Outside of jumping the girls 4x100 and boys 4x400 qualified and we had a WPIAL champ in the 200 and runner up in the 400. All in all a good day.

Okay, time to get the bike prepped and checked in, then off to NOODLE'S!!!!

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