Saturday, July 3, 2010

July = More Training

Happy 4th of July! This is (not) Roxy's favorite holiday with all the loud fireworks going off in the neighbors' yards. We know where to find her (hiding underneath the bed or in the bath tub).

With school not ending until the teens of June, the training is just getting going now. However, the weekend in Deep Creek sure kickstarted the training efforts. Just to recap since last Saturday (again, triathletes, feel free to laugh at how weak this is):

Saturday - 50 mile really hilly bike, 25 min open water swim
Sunday - 2:15 trail run, 20 min open water swim
Monday - 100's in the swimming pool
Tuesday - run
Wednesday - 100's for an hour at the pool
Thursday - 45 min run and 2 hour bike
Friday - am swim workout, pm 12 mile run
Saturday - 50 mile bike

Whew! As I've stated before, no way I could consistently keep this up. Ironman-training athletes, enjoy. Definitely not for me.

This coming Tuesday I'll have a slight variation to my training. The softball team from my church I grew up in has a double header Tuesday and they're a little light on players. So, I'm going to head down and help out. The one catch is that it's fastpitch and the timing of that doesn't come back all that quickly. Hoping to avoid the Golden Sombrero (aka many strikeouts). I may be pitching potentially also. If so, hoping to a similar line as last year's playoff cameo appearance.

Next weekend we're off to the next race. Beth's racing a half up in Providence. That should be fun, especially because her mom's making the trip and meeting us up there. We were originally going to drive, but after we cancelled to trip out to Oceanside we transferred those tickets to flights for Providence (thanks Southwest for the hassle-free and fee-free change!). We passed through Providence on our way up to Boston and Cape Cod on the honeymoon, but I've never stayed in the city. The travel packet is prepared and we'll see how things go.

The World Cup's been fun...and it's going to lead right into the Tour de France. I'm set for the summer!


Steve said...

Heck I couldn't keep up with you. I take days off...have to take days off. :)

Good luck on everything!!

100's for an hour at the pool?? YIKES!!

m said...

Frito is not a fan of the 4th of July either. He is learning to face his fear of the fireworks by siting by an open door or window instead of running away and hiding like usual.

That sounds like a lot of training to me!

See you guys in Providence!

Kim said...

Love the training Oscar! Great job!! Have fun in RI!