Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Preparations for the UNO

This weekend, I will compete in my first ever swim race, the Little Uno. It's a 1-mile open water race down near Durham, NC. Originally, Beth was going to be the only one doing the swim (the Big Deuce 2 miler) and I was going to do a sprint triathlon in Chapel Hill as a tuneup for Morgantown, but that got cancelled due to road construction. So, open water mile swim it is. I suppose that's a tuneup also--just have to do the biking and running on my own. The big goal for the race--not to finish last. That's right, with all of these swimmers in a swim race I just want to be somebody, even if it's a 70-year-old granny. Even if her goggles fall off, I'm going to be like Alberto Contador and not wait up for her--it's all about the end result. Also, with the two-milers out there I SHOULD finish before at least some of them come in.....I hope.

I'm excited for the weekend. We're going to get to see B&D and hang out with them. We're going to a Durham Bulls game (of course we are, being the baseball fan that I am). We'll play some Settler's of Catan. We'll run around Duke Forest. It should be a good time.

One other thing that I'm finding out this week is that training for longer triathlons is HARD! I don't know how people do it with full-time jobs. My only thing I have to do in the summer is a couple hours at XC practice and I still feel like training takes up the whole day. Whew!

Okay, off to watch the Pirates. They put up 9 in the first inning. Let's see if they can hold off the Brewers the rest of the night.


m said...

Have fun running in Duke forest! I loved running there when I was in Durham! And good luck in the swim!

runningyankee said...

yea! coming to RDU!! dont worry - you will NOT finish last. will be fun to see you guys:)

Beth said...

I agree - training for triathlon is hard. ;) Oh, and if it looks like granny might beat you in the swim, dunk her hard and outsprint her at the end!!! ;)