Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Epic Weekend

First, let me say that my admiration for Ironman training increased ten-fold after the weekend in Deep Creek. Ouch. The weekend hurt. (True triathlon people feel free to laugh at my whimpy weekend)

People like those in the photo above are monsters in how they train....and they do it week in and week out!!! This picture was of the group that did the Friday night swim. We opted to get dinner on the way down and ended up not swimming. But, don't worry, there was still plenty to come this weekend.

After the swimming, we went to this pizza place and the group ordered this HUGE pizza. Look at my arm for reference. No, this is not some sort of optical illusion, photo doctoring, or staged photo where my arm is 5 feet back from the pizza. My pinky could have touched this pizza. Yum!!! But, we had already eaten, so I couldn't indulge too much with the big day on Saturday. I did have one slice and it sure was good.

Onto Saturday...we load up the bikes and go out to the ride start area. We pick up the packets and load up the bikes and off we go. I opted for the 50-miler (not the 100 or 125) since I had logged a total of 140 miles in 2010 heading into the weekend.

Okay. The ride. Let's just say it was either up or down. Both of which were not good options for me. The downs were REALLY down. I was squeezing my brakes and crying MOMMIE!! down the curvy descents, some of which were laced with gravel from rain runoff. The ups were REALLY up. Like multiple miles up. Like really steep up. I find out throughout the day that there are different toothed gears depending on the type of riding you're doing. My bike was a '25-toother' or one not necessarily designed for big climbs. While I wasn't clenching my brakes up the hill, by the tops I was zig-zagging, pouring in sweat, and breathing really hard. But, thanks to Jen and Lisa, I survived the entire 50 miles with 5,000 feet of climbing, as evidenced by the photo below.

If that wasn't enough, us 50-milers went over to the lake to do a swim while the 100+ milers were still out there. Beth and Jen got in a good hour. Me, I embarked on my maiden voyage in a wetsuit. My $99 Xterra special Beth found on an internet deal for me last winter. I'll tell you what, those things sure do help out with the buoyancy issue (an area where my legs are lacking). I definitely am now pulling for a wetsuit legal race in Morgantown.

After heading back to the house to freshen up and catch the end of the US Soccer Match, we went back over to the bike area to see the 125 mile guys and gals finish (8 hours later!!!) and eat the BBQ!

After a trip to the local ice cream shop, we catch some Z's and back up Sunday for a run a swim. The run was a trail run and was great. While I know my abilities are VERY limited in the biking and swimming departments, I was hopeful to keep up with the big boys on the run. That lasted about 90 minutes until the big 3 (Chad, Matty, and Jeremy) put on one of their infamous surges. I was done and did my own pace in the rest of the way.

Back to the house to pack up and off to the lake for 1 more swim. I was hoping to stick with the group for the first portion out to this bridge. Yeah right. 4 strokes in I was way back. So, I did my own thing and waited up for the rest to finish.

MVP honors go to Jocelyn for doing the Friday swim, the 125 ride, and 2:30 run.

Thanks to Chad and Jen for putting the weekend together. It was great hanging out with some true athletes and get some great training in.

In other news:
*The Pirates are not doing well (especially the pitching), but I love what the lineup of 2011 is shaping up to be.
*The US got lucky to sneak into the elimination phase of the World Cup. I'm bummed they lost to Ghana, but not surprised. Maybe next time. I love the World Cup soccer. I'm a huge fan once every four years. It's kind of like the Olympics for me.
*We got a new car. Our old Jetta (that we've had since we got married) was piling up repair issues. We figured it was more cost-effective to trade it in while it still worked and invest the 'repair money' into the new car. Car dealers are on the same level as most polititians to me--sneaky, crooked, and will say whatever needs to be said in spite of the hope I had that it wouldn't be that way.
*Summer's flying by. XC summer workouts start Thursday for the boys. Where did June go?


Beth said...

Woo-hoo! You survived a BIG weekend! And I was crying MOMMIE!!! too while riding - only I was crying while riding up. Especially that last one hill. I think that will be forever etched in my memory. ;)

runningyankee said...

descents are tough!i think tougher than the ups. they do get easier.. take it from a scardy cat like me :) good weekend!!!

Steve said...

Congrats on your weekend. Pirates stink. I haven't looked at the players stats in a while, no need really. O.K. I just looked up Alvarez. He is even struggling a bit. He'll get it though.

I am a once every 4 year soccer fan. Well 2 year, I keep track of the Euro cup, but that is it. Bleh. Who can keep track of all those other stupid leagues. Especially that U.S. one whatever that is called. :)

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