Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Most places across the country, the race leading up to the state cross country meet is some sort of district or regional qualifier. In Pennsylvania, we're broken up into 12 districts across the state. Some of the better ones are out east like District 1 (Philly suburbs) and District 3 (Harrisburg/Lancaster/York). Out here in Pittsburgh, we're District 7.

While their meets are called the District ___ meet, we go a different direction. I bet you would find very few people in Southwestern Pennsylvania call the district meet the "District 7 Finals" or in football, it isn't called the "District 7 Football Championship."

Nope, out here we're known as the Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League, or WPIAL for short. This is pronounced, "whip-EEE-olls." Heck, I bet a handful of people aren't even aware that we're district 7. The guys were telling me that, the other week on a run, some random old guy (50's) said to them, "Are you gonna win WHIP's? Go get 'em at WHIP's!"

Anyway, our boys and girls have been training very well and I'm looking for some good results tomorrow. The top four teams and top 20 individuals not on those teams move on to "State's" (also known as the PIAA). No predictions here other than I know that both teams are going to have a strong showing. We'll let the results speak for themselves.

When I was in high school, we never made it to the state meet. My senior year we were fifth, but not good enough. It was fun last year as both the boys and girls teams made it out to Hershey. I'm hoping to go out again this year.

We'll have to see if I can update how they do because I'll be on a plane on Friday right after school to join Beth out in Phoenix for her big "Best of the US" race. I keep calling Beth "Miss Pennsylvania" since she's representing PA, but she thinks it weird. I think she's going to finish the year with a great performance! I can't wait.


ojs said...

If you call me Miss Pennsylvania than I want to know where my sash is!!!! And my tiara!!!!

By the way, IF you are cool, you call it "whips". That's what Coach Lenzi always used to call it. :)

ojs said... the way, that last comment was Beth using my account.

Maijaleena said...

Go "Miss Pennsyvania"! Get her a sash, tiara, and some roses gosh darn it!