Monday, October 27, 2008

Leaving the Desert

Beth and I are sitting at the airport, reminiscing about a fabulous extended weekend.

Here's some of the highlights:

*The weather was BEAUTIFUL. The sun was a little hot in the afternoons, but, other than that, it couldn't have been better.

*Beth did great at the BOUS race. I'll let her tell the stories, but the short of it is that she finished 8th overall, which is awesome! The results are here.

*My parents were the best out here, lugging us around everywhere and treating us to meals. My Aunt lives out here and she was able to come out and be a part of the weekend. That was super.

*For dinner after the race, we went out with some of Beth's triathlon friends. That was nice having a more relaxing atmosphere to chat, as opposed to right after the race when they're all tired and stinky.

*I also met up with a friend from high school who went to Arizona State University and then just stayed out here. He and his wife just had their first child, Issac, a few months ago. His dad was the cross country and track coach at our high school, so that's how I was able to catch up with him.

Well, we're going to grab a bite to eat here at the airport before our plane takes of a little before 11am. We figure we might as well eat now since it's like it's 1pm in Pittsburgh. Plus, our flight is a direct one, so we won't be back on the ground for another four hours.

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