Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Midweek entry

Tomorrow the XC team's have a final tune-up before next Thursday's District Championship. I think they're in good shape to perform well. We'll just have to see how they perform on race day.

Speaking of race day, the big half marathon's coming up in just a few days. Part of me is thinking that I've done two marathons, so technically I've already done four half-marathons. But, I've never actually raced a true half marathon. So, the other part of me says, "A 13.1 miles race is a long way!" And, I'll be running a crisper pace than I did back in the day on the marathons. Back then, I've run 8:16/mile and 7:43/mile. This Saturday, based on my effort in the 10k a few weeks ago along with "Coach Beth" and I consulting some pace calculators, we decided on an estimated pace of 6:10-6:15/mile. So, we'll see what happens.

Penn State's got a big game this weekend against Michigan. Now that they're #3, everybody's talking about them. I hope that it doesn't go to their head and think they just need to show up and they'll beat Michigan. I read in a couple of places that in the locker room after the game up at Wisconsin, JoePa was already reminding the team that they haven't beat the Wolverines in 9 games. STAY FOCUED!!!!

The baseball's been exciting, even though I'm only up until the 6th inning or so! I can't believe Tampa Bay is up 3-1 on Boston AND I can't believe that Tampa's hitting Boston's pitching so well. Philly's looking great and may wrap things up tonight against the Dodgers. You can't ever count out Manny or Joe Torre, but LA was a 0.500 team for most of the year and Philly won in the tough NL East. I'm still pulling for Tampa Bay to show that the Pirates can do it. The problem is that the Pirates don't have the impact players and good defense and pitching that the Rays have. We'll see....

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Kim said...

Good Luck tomorrow! Have fun in the 1/2 marathon and it will be perfect for long sleeves and fast running!! Enjoy!