Saturday, May 10, 2008

Roxy on the Mend

Now that Roxy the dog has some pain meds in her system, she's flying high! But, seriously, Roxy is doing a lot better. She gets up the steps and on to the bed fine. I try to corral her to carry her up steps or on the bed, but a lot of times she thinks I want to play games and starts running around like a mad dog (kind of counter-productive).

Training-wise, I'm "treadding water" in a sense until track's over. Since I didn't have any jumpers qualify for the district finals I now shift to an assistant distance coach meaning I get to run with the guys. This would be good except for two facts:

1) The only running I've done since March is hour-plus long runs and an occasional track workout with Beth. Not very consisten.

2) And MOST importantly, the only guys left are the ones who have qualified for the district finals.....this means they're FAST. I ran today with a guy who runs a 2:04 800 for a 40 minute easy run....stress the EASY.

My next race is the Gatons Memorial Day 5K, a race in honor of one of Beth's former High School coaches who tragically passed away at the state XC meet in '06. Check out the link to find out more. S0, I've still got a few weeks to get ready. Last year, I was in a similar situation and ran 18:59. This year, I've definitely done a little more in the mornings before school in swimming with Beth and the occassional run. So, maybe I can get down to 18:30 or so. We'll see....

We went out with my parents tonight to celebrate Mother's Day. It was nice to just have the four of us with a chance to talk. Usually, at bigger family parties you don't get the chance to just sit down and talk. My mom's going to join Beth and I for Beth's Columbia Triathlon (she's the defending elite amateur champ!!!). Mom's coming partly to see Beth race and partly to see my sister who lives in nearby Frederick.

Well, time for us to get some cleaning done and get ready for Sunday church.

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