Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dog on the DL

Well, Roxy the dog has gone and injured herself. We're not exactly sure how, but she did. She was fine on our 8 mile run Sunday (no biggie because she's been up to 15 miles). She was fine when I walked her Monday before school and after dinner. But, we go to lay down with the pup to watch our favorite TV show (The Big Bang Theory Mondays at 8pm on CBS) and she's whimpering and limping around.

We decide to give it a day, but then on Wednesday Beth took her to the vet (read more on that on her blog here and here). Since Roxy has been on the pain meds, she's been flying high. It doesn't seem to be hurting her as much. We're still carrying her up the steps and not taking her on walks for the rest of the week.

Track's winding down. We had tons of people qualify for the district finals. Unfortunately, no jumpers. On the guys' side, the long jumpers focused on the 4x100 and 4x400. Two could have qualified with room to spare with their PR's. On the girls' side, had our LJ PR'ed, she would have made it, but she didn't. But, the senior came up big and PR'ed in the TJ. She fell short of qualifying, but it was so sweet for her to finish her high school career with a PR and ending up on our school's "Top 25." We'll see how many people can qualify from our district to the state track meet.

The Pirates just finished sweeping the SF Giants today. Boy, the Giants are BAD. The Pirates offense has looked great, but is it the Giants or are they coming around? We'll see what happens over the weekend with the Braves coming to town.

Beth's next big race is next weekend in Columbia. I'll see if I can get around to writing my spectator race report from St. Anthony's some time this week before that.

So, that's about it. Time for bed since I'm heading to the pool for a workout tomorrow morning early!!!

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