Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Back on Track

Well, with track season winding down, my training has certainly taken an upswing. Here's a summary:


Beth had a morning ride and Roxy the dog is still on the DL (we're going to try to walk her for the first time in a week tomorrow). So, I decided to head over to the track and do some 800 repeats. As I'm running over, I was debating what pace to go at (I don't really have a true training "plan" most of the time). So, here goes my reasoning for my pace--I'm getting ready for the Gatons 5K on Memorial Day. Last year I ran 18:56 on some very mediocre training (as outlined by Beth). I figure that I've been better about running in the mornings and I've been swimming twice a week for most weeks, so I *should* be in better shape.

I think it would be neat to get down below 18:30 and I envision this coming in the form of miles like the following:

Mile 1 - 5:30 (flat & fast went out in 5:47 last year)
Mile 2 - 6:00
Mile 3 - hold on and do a 6:20-ish
Mile 3.1 - another 30 or so seconds.

We'll see how it works.....anyway, back to my pacing I figured I'd go at 5:30/mile pace (2:45 800's). And, it turned out pretty well - 2:40, 2:43, 2:45, 2:45, 2:44 with 2:00 slow jog rest in between each one.

Then, after church and lunch, Beth had a pool workout and I joined her and focused on 100's and 50's because I've felt sluggish in the pool lately doing longer stuff--trying to stimulate the arms to go faster. And faster they went. I PR'ed in the 50 with a (don't laugh) 45 second finish and PR'ed in the 100 with a 1:38. So, not too bad.


30 minute run with Beth before school with afternoon track practice (now as the assistant distance coach instead of the jumping coach). The 800 guys were doing four 400's at race pace (aka around 60-64). I just laughed and told them that I'd join them for their road loop after the quarters. I don't know the last time I ran a 64 and I don't think a day when the weather was in the 50's was a good time to try.


4 miles on the road with the guys. They're tapering for Thursday's big district final. We'll see if they can qualify for the state meet.

So, I'm on the path towards hopefully reaching my goal of 18:30 or less at the 5k. We'll see. Also, less than two months until my triathlon debut (July 12).


In the midst of this crazy end to the track season, the Pirates snuck a 6 game winning streak on me. The pitchers finally pitched half-decent. They were one game under 0.500 going into game 2 of the double header Monday night, but it wasn't to be. They lost and are 2 games under and heading to St. Louis and Chicago. So, this will set the tone for the rest of the summer. Let's just say I'm not holding my breath.


Finally, last night was the girls track banquet. The boys and girls programs are separate programs where I teach/coach. But, being the jumping coach I interact with both. This can be good in some cases (double banquets & food & getting out of afternoon classes for meets) and bad in others (extra nights when I don't get home until 9 or 10pm, always waiting for one or the other to come over & practice from sprints, reporting to two bosses, ...). It was a great time. There was a great video compiled and edited by one of the seniors. It was an amazing piece of work with audio, fading in & out, and graphics. I'll have to see if they put it on Youtube. And, it was sad/happy seeing some of the seniors. One of the senior jumpers was a true leader and helped me out a lot of the last two years since I didn't always know what to do (again, I'm coming from a distance running background, not jumping!!!).

So, off to watch and see if the Pens can go up 3-0 and if the Pirates can start a new streak.

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