Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pizza Pizza

Good News!!!

Upon returning from my track workout, I discovered that there is now a Little Caesar's Pizza located in our plaza. Now, Beth and I are big pizza fans. One of my proud moments (other than my fence hurdling on Sunday) was finishing a whole pizza in the hotel room while Beth was at a triathlon clinic in Chicago. I'm sure we'll have some good stories about pizza from Little Caesar's.

As far as the workouts, I'm gearing up for Monday's 5k. I'm looking forward to a good race and hoping to crack 18:30. Last week, I did five 800's at 2:45 pace. On Monday, I did four 400's at 70 seconds with the 2 mile kid from my school going to states. He's ranked pretty high and hope he finishes his senior season strong.

So, today I wanted to do some actual miles at 5:30 pace. I did two of them with a 3:00 rest in between. I was a little worried since it was a little cool (50 degrees) and windy, but I figured I'd try. Mile 1 was 5:26. I went out a little too hot on the first 200 and then after that I was right on pace the rest of the way. After the break, I did a 5:39. I could feel that I was starting to tire a little but wanted to finish strong. Good enough....especially after a swim workout this morning and the wind and cool temps.

As far as the swim workout, I did a 1200 today and ended up doing 2:03/100 yd pace. Good for me. Yesterday I swam 6x200 Relative to Beth (who regards herself as a mediocre triathlon swimmer) what does that make me?!?!?!? I know I'll be sticking to softball and running and not looking to get my triathlon pro card.

Well, off to watch the Pirates and see if they can come back from a 3-1 deficit.


Beth said...

I think you are ready to "go low" on Monday!!! I smell a PR!!

PS Pizza Pizza!

Maijaleena said...

Good luck at your 5k! With your track workout times, it sounds like 18:30 should be no problem.

The fence didn't scare me, it just made me laugh.