Sunday, November 25, 2012

Updated Standings

Number of wins since September 6th

1. Penn State - 8 wins (with the season over)...hard-fought win and a fitting end to the season

2. Pirates - 7 wins and the season over without finishing over least it's been a fun post-season to watch with all the close games 

3. Steelers - 6 wins (with 5 games to go)...not looking good with Big Ben out

4. Pitt - 5 wins (with 1 game to go at South Florida)...still looking for Bowl eligibility 

5. Penguins - 0 wins (still in a lockout with no end in sight)

The Nittany Lions are the leader in the clubhouse. Will the Steelers surpass them?

I created my first draft of my 2012 BCS Playoff Proposal. More details to come in the next week. Here's the original from 2008.

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Steve said...

Congrats on the Penn State Football team this year. From what was really a disappointing Football season for the Big 10, I thought PSU was pretty remarkable given the circumstances.