Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My College Football Playoff Proposal


As I mentioned previously, it's tough to get excited for bowl games when they are essentially exhibitions. It's fun to see how the different conferences match up, but you never know how teams are going to play after a several week layoff.

Teams that are hurt by the current format are ones like USC and Utah. USC looked like a finely tuned engine as Sanchez and company carved up PSU's defense (unfortunately). What does USC take away from it other than winning the Rose Bowl. Pete Carroll was asked after the game if he'd want to take on the Florida-Oklahoma winner. You bet he would. Then, you have Utah. They beat every team they played including 3 in the BCS top 15. They get a pat on the back for winning the Sugar Bowl against Alabama, but don't you think they would like to make a name for a non-BCS conference team?

There are playoffs in all the other divisions of college football and I wish they could figure out a way to make it work for Division 1-A.

So, after working out several rough drafts on scratch paper over the weekend, I'd like to outline my proposal for a Division 1-A playoff. I'll show a picture of what I think the bracket would look like for this year's rankings and then explain some of the meaning behind it.

Weekend of Nov 22 - Last weekend of regular season for BCS Conferences; Change to also include conference championships for non-BCS conferences (or at least finish season to determine conference champion)
Weekend of Nov 29 – currently the final weekend of most regular seasons; change to no regular season games but a play-in round for five non-BCS conference champions (plus 3 at large BCS teams not in their respective conference championship). The top four non-BCS conference champions (determined by BCS or computer rankings) would have home games hosting the lowest rated non-BCS conference champion and the three at-large teamsWeekend of Dec 6 – currently the Conference Championship Weekend; Now championship games for BCS Conferences (Have to decide what to do with Big 10, Pac-10; institute a Big East vs best at large non-conference champion because the Big East has the smallest amount of teams…and they aren’t that strong of a conference) ; Also, for the final two spots the round of four of the play-in. This will determine the 8 teams to consist of a BCS playoff of 8 teams.
Weekend of Dec 13 – Round of 8. Teams are seeded and top 4 teams get a home playoff game. 1 vs 8, 2-7, 3-6, 4-5. (Currently no Division 1-A games this weekend, but it’s only 8 teams)
Nothing around Christmas for the playoff, but other minor bowl games can still occur for teams not in the playoff.Jan 1 – Round of 4 – Use two BCS Bowls to host semi-finals on a rotating basis plus other smaller bowls continue to have Jan 1 bowl games.
Jan 8 – Championship at BCS bowl (again on a rotating basis)—same date as it is this year.

Some thoughts:

*This wouldn't be like a college basketball tournament where you could set up a pool with a bracket. Rather, it would be like the NFL playoffs where, depending on who wins in the Wild Card Round, teams would go to various sites.

*I think this method would also be exciting in that there would be home playoff games for teams on the weekend of December 13...also causing some of the southern teams to possibly come north for a game in December.

*Teams like Texas, Texas Tech, Georgia, and LSU would still have an opportunity to make it to a championship game even though they didn't get into their conference championship, however....

*They have to do it on the road at a non-BCS conference champion. Could you imagine the excitement of a home playoff game for someone like Utah or Boise State (on the blue smurf turf) against a team from the Big 12 or SEC?

*I guess we'd have to figure out what to do with independents if Notre Dame ever gets good again or if Navy and their triple option would have an amazing year. There is the #1 BCS at-large spot available to play against the Big East, I guess.

*The thing I like best is that this guarantees EVERY team in Division 1-A at the beginning of August a clear-cut opportunity to be a national champion. Utah or any non-BCS conference team (like Hawaii, BYU, or Boise State) doesn't really have a legitimate shot as it currently stands.

So, that's my thoughts. I'd be glad to hear comments and suggestions. Realistically, anything like this would be a good five to twenty years away because of TV contracts, Bowl Officials, and college presidents. But, at least I can dream.....


Beth said...

I have to give you credit - you don't just gripe about the system -you've actually come up with a solution!!

So...can we throw away all those little scraps of paper now? ;)

Maijaleena said...

You really put a lot of thought into this! I like it.

Wendy said...

Hey Oscar...thanks for your comment on my blog. How'd you & Beth do in today's race???

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