Thursday, January 1, 2009


This Rose Bowl sure isn't going too well. At least the PSU-USC game isn't like the Pitt-Oregon State 3-0 snoozer. That was just awful to watch. Did Pitt even have 100 yards of total offense? Oh well--all these bowl games are essentially scrimmages other than the Florida-Oklahoma game.

I think I've devised a scenario for a playoff that could make sense. You take all of the conference champions and a few at large teams, have the regular season done by Thanksgiving, and poof there's a playoff.

It was a fun New Years eve of dinner at Atria's and Pictionary with Chad & Jen. Good times.


Maijaleena said...

You have deeply offended me by confusing Oregon and Oregon State. Oregon WON their bowl game vs. Oklahoma state 42-31. Oregon scores like nobodies business! Those Oregon State Beavers---yuck!

Sorry about Penn State.

ojs said...

Sorry, Maija! Correction made. The Ducks did have a solid game in the Holiday Bowl against Oklahoma State. Hope you had a great new year!

Chad Holderbaum said...

Both Western PA games were really bad. Not to mention the Pen's aren't playing good right now. :(

At least the Steelers have a bye week! Looking forward to next weeks football game!