Friday, November 23, 2012

Whirlwind Ending in Thanks

So much fun in the last month since the marathon (and still probably haven't come off the 3-hour high)

It started with the XC teams competing in the WPIAL (district) championships. The girls were the favorite coming in and they didn't disappoint. With a 3-4-6-7 top four they won by a 49-97 margin. The boys came into the race hacking, coughing, sniffling, and sneezing yet managed to weather the unseasonably hot temperatures and secure the third and final spot to move on to the state meet. For me, four days removed from the marathon, did my best to hobble around and cheer on the teams.

The following weekend was the state meet. We had perfect temps and footing for the day (in spite of some mid-week rain from Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy). The girls had a good day ending up ending up 5th (but missing 4th by 2 points) and two girls finished in the top 20. The boys were still getting healthy and finished 13th.

Speaking of "Sandy" it was such a shame to see the New York Marathon cancelled for all of the people who trained so hard and so long for it. Ultimately, the safety, recovery, and welfare of the residents affected need to be the first priority. However, I feel that it was unfortunate that the media and many on social sites had such outrage over it and dismissed the marathon as if it was some local 5k and they could just find one the next week. At the same time, the Giants could host a football game (against the Steelers) the same night as the marathon would've been with ambulances and EMT's available and the stadium lights blazing among homes without power in New York and New Jersey? Double standard....

Another big event of November was the election. The people we voted for didn't do all that well. The results are the results and we have to move forward. Our pastor mentioned how the results could be negative in that several Supreme Court appointments could be made with a President who supports abortion. Also, we'll see how the economy works out. One other aspect was with how Catholic Churches were forced to provide aspects of healthcare that goes against their beliefs. Where does the line of religious freedom get drawn? Ultimately, we need to pray for our leaders and respect our authority (Romans 13).

The next adventure was Beth's Ironman in Tempe, AZ. Beth got out there on Wednesday and I met her and Mom & Dad B on Friday night after school. Beth had her first sub-10 hour race and had a great day. I spent the day hanging out with said parents and also Kim's husband Kyle and also Cary. It was a very spectator-friendly course as we saw her 5 times on the bike and 7 or 8 times on the bike. We got our exercise in!

After we ate dinner and Beth cleaned up we went back to see the final finishers before the midnight deadline. Very energetic and inspiring! We got back to the room and to bed...and it hit me that I would be getting up to go to work in PA in 27 hours. So, Monday was the return flight and I got home around 1am. Got up and survived Tuesday, picked up Beth after work, then picked up the dog in Greensburg and got home around 9pm. We went to bed, I went to work, then came home for us to start our journey southward for Thanksgiving.

We stayed overnight at a "pet-friendly" hotel in Beckley, WV. Roxy did not do well with the surroundings. Every time someone went down our hallway Roxy ran to the door and started barking. So, not much sleep. But Turkey in Durham, NC at Beth's sister's place was amazing and now we're just laying around, playing games of Settlers of Catan, and catching up on sleep.

Finally so many thanks:

-Thankful to Beth for being the most awesome wife and an inspiration to me with all of her athletic achievements
-Thankful to my parents for all of the support in so many big ways and other much appreciated ways like watching the dog on all of our trips.
-Thankful for the chance to coach and support amazing runners at my high school
-Thankful to have an amazing church that's alive, has amazing music, and inspiring messages from the pastor
-Thankful for Beth's rookie season as a pro triathlete
-Thankful to everybody with their support and congratulations with Beth's races and especially my marathon. One funny story about that...

After the IMAZ awards and getting lunch, Beth and I were going back to the car to pack me up and go off to the airport. On the sidewalk we happened to run into Meredith Kessler (2nd pro at IMAZ) and her husband. I knew that Beth has talked with her and gotten some great advice through her rookie pro year. Meredith goes to me, "You must be Oscar. Congratulations on your three-hour marathon."

A) she recognized me as Beth's husband and knew my name before Beth could introduce me
B) she takes the time to follow Beth via blog, Facebook, or twitter
C) she remembered that I had run a PR marathon
D) the morning after her amazing 2nd place finish at IMAZ she was just as concerned about me essentially finishing 200th or so in a marathon a month before

So, let me amend my thankful list:
-Thankful for the amazing and selfless triathlon community!

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Dawn said...

Sounds like a great time! And my dog travels with me and does the same thing. ONe time in North CArolina we stayed in a hotel with a bunch of bikers (motorcycles) occupying the rooms next to us and I don't think anyone slept.
And of course everyone knows Oscar and his detmerination and grit :)