Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pirates Trade McLouth, I Feel ______ About It

Before getting to the McLouth trade, here's an update on my week:

Monday - took the day off after the workouts on the weekend
Tuesday - 5.5 mile run before school down in Leboland
Wednesday - Rough track workout with Beth (4x400 @ 88 sec; 2x800 @ 3min; 4x400 @ 85 sec with the last one at 79!!!). I was going to swim in the evening, but there was lightning right when we got to the YMCA, so I just lifted with Beth
Thursday - I was going to run in the AM, but was a little sleepy and wanted to get an extra hour of sleep before my long day on Friday. I was going to run when I got home before dinner, but it took me 2 hours to get home as I got caught in the Pirates afternoon game/rush hour traffic coming home.

Another funny thing happened on Tuesday night. I was outside mowing the grass and doing yard stuff and then came in and we were watching the Penguin game in bed before going to sleep. We both fell asleep before the 3rd period started. Nothing funny about that, but here's the crazy thing. I didn't get around to taking out my contacts, so I fell asleep with them in. The next thing I remember is my alarm going off Wednesday morning. Oops!!! I was reaching for my glasses on the night stand and couldn't find them (not knowing I didn't take out my contacts). So, I go to my bag and get my other glasses. When I put them on I realize that it's blurry. When I take them off, it's clear. Oops!!! That's a first for me. I must have been tired to not wake up the entire night.

Beth's leaving for Colorado in the morning for a Mark Allen Triathlon Camp. We're getting up early and I'm dropping her off before school. I'll probably end up in Altoona this weekend to check out a Curve game. Speaking of baseball....

Wednesday night, my dad calls me and tells me he sees on the Pirates website that Nate McLouth was traded. I was surprised to hear that since he wasn't really being shopped. Hmmm. After a day of reflection, here's my opinion on it. I feel........

Perplexed - at the timing of it. Most trades in baseball don't take place until late June through mid-July

Irate - at the idea of trading away another all-star outfielder, but....

Reflective - at the idea of trying to build a 'system' that will sustain itself with the three new additions

Admiration - for Neal Huntingdon to have the guts to trade away the Pirates' most popular player for guys who won't help the team much in 2009

Trepidation - for the unknown quantities of getting younger guys. Hernandez the OF hasn't hit a HR this year. Morton has a 6.00+ ERA in the majors with the Braves last year and Locke hasn't been very effective statistically this year.

Excited - at seeing Andrew McCutchen up with the Pirates now. He sure had a great debut today! Let's see if he can keep it up.

Supportive - for the 'system' and the clear plan that the Pirates are now following. Yeah, it may not be popular with casual fans, but the Pirates are trying to be like the Twins, A's, Indians, and Rays. Trade players at their peak value to get a good return on them. Nady was having a career year when we traded him (he's been stinky and injured this year). Bay is peaking and on his way down over the next year or so.

McLouth had a GREAT April and May last year. Other than than, he's been pretty average. Remember, going in to 2008, we weren't even sure if he was a full time starter. Now, we get 3 solid minor leaguers including two of the Braves' top 10? Not bad. Statistically, he's a below average defender (limited range and below average arm) and average hitter (only hitting .255 right now). McCutchen's upgrading the defense and we've got more on the way. Lots of younger guys in the system being added, unlike my observations this time last year when I went to Altoona.

We'll see what the future has in store. It's going to take patience (I know, they haven't had a winning season since that fateful day of Sid Bream in 1992), but they are building a system that will support itself. Check out what the Pirates do in the draft and the Latin American signings over the next few months. Until then, GO P-I-R-A-T-E-S!!!!


runningyankee said...

maybe some of the pens momentum will carry over to pnc park....
enjoy your wife-free weekend :)

Lori & Steve said...

So creative with your acrostic! :) Glad that track season has ended and you can relax a little more. School must be ending soon, too. Happy end of the school year!! :)