Saturday, June 13, 2009

Get me some butter....

...because I'm TOAST!!

I went with Beth today on her workouts. Since I got my bike back in April, I've gained an even better appreciation for her training. Ouch!!!

It started this morning with a 3 hour ride with Beth (and Ben came up, too). This is after she already did 30 miles as a warm up. Then, a 30 minute run right off the bike. Then, a swim workout ladder similar to the one from a couple of weekends ago. After all of that work, we went to Subway for a $5 footlong. I'm beat and again even further respect all of her training she does day in and day out.

In other news, the Pens won the Stanley Cup!!! My playoff beard was getting pretty itchy. I forgot that the playoffs took two months to complete. I even trimmed the beard twice along the way. This picture was from Thursday.

The Pirates have done some interesting things in the past few weeks. I've already established my supportive opinion on the McLouth trade. However, the new management team may have made the first move I may disagree with regarding their draft strategy. Instead of going for a college arm like Aaron Crow (the guy I wanted) or Alex White, they went with a college catcher who was 'signable' with the strategy of spending less on the first round than last year, but spending the same amount as last year on the draft (about $9 million) over many picks with the focus on high schoolers who have scholarships to big time college baseball programs. If it works and they sign a lot of these guys, I'll agree with their strategy. However, I believe that they may only end up signing a few guys and this may backfire (creating more public backlash). I'll get back to you on August 15th.


Maijaleena said...

Great training day! When is your triathlon?

runningyankee said...

where is the post shave pic???

thanks for the FB updates on fri night. i finally got to a TV with about 10 minutes left :)

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