Sunday, June 14, 2009

One good workout deserves another

Today, Beth and I did 12.5 miles on the trail to start our day. I was beat after that!

In other news, the Pirates won again today and are only 3 games under .500 and only 4 games out of first place (albeit at the same time tied for 5th place). We'll see what happens when they go on the road this week.

This week is should be a nice week. We've got one more official day of school tomorrow for a clerical day. It's a day where I finalize grades and clean up my room of all the piles of papers strewn about over the past 9 months. I need to go back in to school on Friday to get my rosters for the summer elementary program I do over the next four weeks. Other than that, some relaxing and getting some tasks done around the house because the summer elementary program rolls into cross country training which rolls into the start of school in August!

Finally, great job to everybody who did the Eagleman 70.3 tri down in Maryland today. Chad & Jen, Jeremy & Jocelyn, Jen H, Lindsay, and a bunch of others. Jeremy and Lindsay earned Kona slots and Jen H won her age group. Awesome job!!!

Have a good week all!

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