Sunday, December 28, 2008

Where Did I Wake Up?

I saw the weather reports, but I was skeptical. But, on Saturday morning I woke up and it was indeed 60 degrees. I walked Roxy in shorts and it was just a marvelous day as the temperature almost hit 70 degrees! This must be what it's like in December to live in Phoenix, Durham, Tampa, Hilton Head, or some of the other places we've visited this year. But, you know what, I like the seasons and I like where we're at (most of the time). I can't really see us moving.

This morning, Beth and I got in a 1:40 (12+ mi) run. We got in the run before the cold front reached us. Now, it's crazy windy out there and the lights keep in flickering. It's 65 degrees now, but is going down into the 40's later today. This was the longest run that I've done since the half marathon in October. I'll probably feel it tomorrow. Yesterday morning, I did 10x100yd all under 2:00 in the pool....VERY slowly making improvements in the pool.

It was a pretty nice Christmas as we did Greensburg with my family on Christmas Day and Friday went down to Uniontown to see Beth's grandfather and family. My grandma's still in the hospital--still having issues from her back surgery. They're hoping to get her back out of the hospital next week. I was able to go in and visit her on Friday.

My big gift for 2008 was a new video game--Madden 08. I like getting them when they're a year old because then they only cost $10 instead of $40. I haven't had a game system since the Playstation (1) and just buy PC games for my laptop. I was sad to hear that EA sports decided to discontinue the Madden series for PC's (of course it will continue on Wii, PS3,XBox, ...). I'll have to move on to another sport or something.

Back in the day in high school I would play sports video games for an hour or two a day and just play whatever sport it was depending on the season (football, basketball, hockey, baseball, soccer). In college it continued, but I would go in spurts depending how much work I had to do for school. Now I go on infrequent binges. I played some video games in the summer, but once school and XC started up I didn't play any all fall. Then, in November I had some time and played a little. Now, over Christmas I have some time and will probably go on a multiple-hour binge at some point this week (but I do have a list of to-do items I need to get done this week). Once we get rolling in January with indoor track meets and all I probably won't play many games again until Memorial Day.

Well, off to continue the usual Sunday routine--run, church, lunch, nap,...

Go Steelers (even though today is meaningless)...don't get hurt, Steelers!


Maijaleena said...

This weather is quite unusual! No complaints though...

Good job on the swim improvements. Keep at it.

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