Monday, December 29, 2008

That was DON'T get hurt, Steelers. Yoi!

My final line of the blog Sunday morning before church:

Go Steelers (even though today is meaningless)...don't get hurt, Steelers!

Yoi and Double Yoi! The Steelers won a meaningless game 31-0, but Big Ben got concussed--big time. Beth and I actually missed the play as we were both out cold during our nap. When we woke up we saw Big Ben getting taken off the field on a stretcher and were trying to figure out what the heck happened. It sounds like it was a mild(er) concussion (if getting your brain tossed around can be mild) and he could/should be ready for the playoffs.

You know what, it's part of the game, though. It was still the first half and you've got to get them some work and it's not like college where you have almost 100 guys on the roster. SOMEBODY has to play. The only concern I had was that Hines Ward and Willie Parker were still playing in the 4th quarter. Regardless, hopefully everybody's okay by January 11th.

It was a pretty fun day of football. Lots of games with playoff implications. The Jets and Dolphins game was fun to watch--especially the Dolphin's version of the "Wildcat" where the running back takes the direct snap and the quarterback is split out wide. I wonder if Baltimore will be able to shut it down. Sorry to Jen Harrison's Bears. That was a shame that they couldn't pull out the win since the other things they needed to happen to make the playoffs ended up panning out.

Here, there, and everywhere...
Having the week off of school means that I have errands to run. It was a full day today. I swam at the YMCA (500 wu, 400-300-200, 250 cd for 1650 yd total), then went to track practice at 9am and worked on the box routine with the sprinters/jumpers. After this, I stopped by and visited my grandma (hoping she gets out of the hospital soon!!!). I ate a quick lunch with my Pappap and aunt and then came back up home to meet with the insurance agent.

Our insurance agent retired last year, so we were transferred to this new person close to our house. She's nice and was very helpful today as she reviewed our policy (home and car). Two hours later, we came to the conclusion that we'll make one small change and the rest of the stuff isn't really appropriate right now. Oh well. We did look into if we could take out a zero deductible on sports equipment (aka Beth's bikes), but that didn't work out. Turns out in the fine print it's only for things like golf clubs and other things that don't have wheels.

After a short stop at home to feed and let out Roxy the Dog, off to the bank to look at setting up a savings account and look into setting up an account for Beth's business. Pretty successful there. There's this cool thing that our bank offers now called the Virtual Wallet. I've seen commercials for it on TV and it looks interesting.

My final stop was the grocery store--Lots of good deals.

Thus ends my exciting day of errands. Tomorrow, my dad's going to come up after morning track practice and we're going to try to knock out a few items around the house. The best part is I think we're going to get a Little Caesar's Hot-n-Ready Pizza for lunch before we start working. Talk about incentive to work!

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