Sunday, September 7, 2008

Spectathlete, PSU, Steelers, & Stuff

First of all, thanks to Maija for reminding me about my "spectathlete" accomplishment of jogging with a 30 or so pound bag of triathlon equipment before the Philly Tri for over a mile as I crossed over a bridge and down the river from the swim start to the transition area.

At the same time, I need to point out my weakness when it comes to the spectathlete-a-thon. We had our first HS XC Invite on Saturday at Schenley Park in Pittsburgh. There were four races: Boys Varsity, Girls Varisity, Boys JV, Girls JV. While I'm in good running condition from the summer, I didn't get my voice into shape in the off season. By the SECOND race, I was going horse. My voice was cracking and everything. It was a bummer and I'm currently an octave lower in my made for fun singing of the bass line at church, though. I'll have to work on this part of my spectathlete game to get myself on par with Elizabeth.

PSU Wins

With the previously mentioned suspensions, I was worried about how they were going to come out on Saturday. But, they played a nearly perfect first half against Oregon State. Before you knew it, it was 28-0.

I can imagine that, based on how they came out, they must have had a good bonding week. Something like the coaches saying, "Okay, they screwed up. Anyone else NOT on board with us and wants to go out and throw away this season, GET OUT NOW! Everybody else, let's circle the wagons and do all the little things we need to do to be successful on Saturday."

They play at hapless Syracuse Saturday, hopefully they don't have a let down.


Pittsburgh is a Steelers town. While I know all the players and enjoy following them, I'm not an all out black and gold die hard. The Steelers fall behind the Pirates, PSU Football, and Arizona Basketball for me. Also, by the time Sunday rolls around, I'm pretty worn out from all the high school and college football already on the weekend.

With all that said, they sure took it to the Houston Texans today. Willie Parker is back from the broken leg, Big Ben was as efficient as ever. Great defensive effort.

Other Stuff...

One neat thing that I took away from the message from the "Sermon on the Mount" series this morning was on judgement. You know the phrase, "Before you point out the speck the other person's eye, take the plank out of yours." That was the main message today. One key catch phrase about judging others was our pastor said, "Don't jugde by a label before looking at the contents inside." We're all guilty of making preconceptions of people. It's not about judging people, it's about loving people.

We're getting ready for the trip to Charlotte next weekend for Beth's race down there. It should be a fun weekend.

Maybe now that we're into the third week of school, I'll be settled in to have time to sit down and blog this week......but don't count on it!


Maijaleena said...

Maybe you could make a recording of yourself cheering and play that when your voice starts to go. And run around the house doing shout training. A true spectathlete champion would do that.

Jennifer Harrison said...

YEAH your teams are all winning, O!!! MORE than I can say for the Cubbies!!! argh. But, at least we are still in 1st place. HOPE spectating Beth's race tomorrow goes smoothly!! :) Jen H.

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