Friday, September 5, 2008

Crazy Police Chase Video

I know, another weekend blog binge. But, I had to put this video up. So, Beth's asleep and I wanted to check on the internet two things:

1) How much of Hurrican Hannah hit Hilton Head (where Beth's parents live)
- Looks like they just got some storms and wind...nothing major.

2) A couple of the high school sports scores.
My high school where I teach lost bad.
The high school where we live won a big game against a tough team
My alma mater got rocked (nothing new in football)

But, as I'm searching for high school football scores on the local news website, I come across a video about a chase on Route 28. This is the road Beth & I take in to work every day. Let's just say that I'd love to be able to get into work as quick as this guy did.

Also, there's a police car that gets flipped over and a very aggressive apprehension on the 31st street bridge.

The commentary by the anchors is terrible. The chase video footage starts on Route 28 SOUTHBOUND just before Route 8 and goes the whole way down past Millvale, the 40th street bridge and onto the 31st street bridge. Allegedly, this chase was a result of a robbery on Banksville Road in the south hills much closer to where I teach. I want to know how this guy was down there, perhaps passing me going up Route 28 and made it back down on 28 when the video coverage starts.

So, without further ado, here is the 7+ minute video. Enjoy.

If the video isn't working go to

Update: Here's a youtube version that's about 3 minutes long

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