Thursday, September 18, 2008

Quarters Mania

Not much new since yesterday. We had a pretty crazy XC workout on the track today and I was pumped to be able to hang with the top people.

Here was the workout:

10 x 400m with descending times and then hold the last three:
85, 83, 81, 79, 77....water break....75, 73, 71, 68, 69

There was about 1:15 rest on the first five and then more like 2:00 for the last five.

Then, three miles on the road. It was a good confidence boost heading into the Great Race 10k next weekend. I even broke out my racing shoes I got a few months ago. I don't know if I've ever shared the story of how I got those shoes.

When we were up at the NYC Tri for Beth this summer, my mom was roaming around the finish line expo, filling out various cards at the tables. One of them was for SBR Triathlon store in New York City. My mom figured there wasn't anything for her at the store, so she put my name on it. A few weeks later, I get an email from someone at SBR saying that I had won some free shoes--and on top of that, I could select racing flats. How cool!

I haven't had any racing flats since my waffle racers in high school. So, I used them for the High School Alumni race back in August and now I'll be using them for the second time next weekend. They sure are lighter than training shoes. Who knew?!?!?

Good luck to all the triathletes competing at Nationals this weekend out in Portland. It sure was pretty out there, I guess that's why the tree huggers all like it out there!!!

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