Friday, July 18, 2008

NYC Bound....Eating suggestions?

Well, us two country bumpkins are making our trek to the big city today. On the way, of course, we're going to stay "small town" and stop in DuBois, PA (where my grandparents used to live in a log cabin in a place called Treasure Lake) and stop at our favorite restaurant chain, Hoss's. Picture the All-You-Can-Eat Seats, except salad, bread, soups, fruit, desserts, and ice cream to go along with a hamburger or steak sandwich. It's awesome and another place I sure get my money's worth. (Note: When we lived in our apartment before this house we had a Hoss's within WALKING DISTANCE.)

I talked to one of my fellow teachers at school yesterday who actually taught and lived in Manhattan for three or so years. It turns out he lived almost right across the street from where the transition area is. After our 15 minute conversation, I feel a lot better about some of the little details like parking, subways, and taxis. The navigation never bothers me because I love maps, I'm just wondering what's going to happen when we pop out of the Lincoln Tunnel and need to stash the car somewhere.

One other thing he helped out with was a suggestion of a good Italian place to eat. So, I figured I'd throw it out to the bloggers and see if there were any recommended places to eat in NYC. The two big things Beth and I would be looking for would be Italian places that are "economical" and pizza and sandwich places. We're open to any and all suggestions.

Next update will be from across the river from NYC....


Maijaleena said...

You will have no problem finding good pizza and sandwich places in NYC.

The slightly more economical Italian restaurants I have been to have been a couple of the places here:

It is near times square and all the broadway shows. One was Becco and the other I can't remember. Becco was a bit more than the other one. Prices for pasta dishes seemed to be fairly reasonable $15-$16 for a pasta dish as long as you don't get one with seafood in it. The food at most restaurants in NYC is very good, you should have no problem finding a good place to eat. A lot of places have their menu out in front so you can check the price before you go in. If you go early enough you won't have to worry about getting in without a reservation either.

Jennifer Harrison said...

Hey O,
I kept trying to post and SAY CONGRATS on your first TRI, but the word verification would not work for, now I can post. CONGRATS on your race!! Nice job...hope you got the bug! :) Jen H.