Saturday, July 5, 2008

20 more hours until Beth's home...

It's been a fun week for Roxy the dog and I, but we'll be ready to have Beth back to keep us in line and get us back on a normal routine......

With yesterday being a holiday, I decided to take it off from blogging and training. :) Pretty much it was because the pool was closed, I slept in kind of late, and then was fiddling with my new and old computers to get the new one ready (transferring files, music, photos, etc.). Before you knew it, the time had come to go down to my parents for the 4th of July picnic.

That was nice and then I came home to find that my neighbors across the street were launching big time fireworks from their back yard. I'm not sure of the legality of that in PA, but I pulled out my lawn chair and sat in the driveway and watched the show. Pretty impressive--and it must have cost a pretty penny for all of the fireworks they launched. (Also, Star Wars - Empire Strikes Back was on last night, so I've got my Star Wars fill for a while now).

So, back to work today. I went to the pool around 9am and did 3x400 with 1 minute rest between 1 & 2 and 2 min rest between 2 and 3. The three times were 7:52, 7:54, and 8:13. I don't really know what happened on the last one (fell asleep while swimming?), but I was pleased with the first two keeping it under the 2:00/100yd pace. If I can keep it somewhere close to that for the 400yd swim in my triathlon a week from today I'd be pumped. Of course, add like two minutes for sighting, swimming extra distance, and overcoming my fear of deep water in a race....

Then, I came home and ate a bowl of cereal and let it digest, then on to the brick. I picked out a slightly different course that came out to a hilly 18.8 miles and I averaged 15.5 mph. I'm hoping for the 7 miles in the triathlon next Saturday I can go out and hammer a little harder than I do for the "longer" rides (for me, not for real triathletes and cyclists).

I worked on the T2 again by parking the bike, taking off the helmet, putting on the visor and going out. My bike is pretty simple, so no special pedals meaning no shoe transition time. Then, an easy 20 minutes of running and back to take care of some things here to make it look like I've been keeping things tidy and organized all week while Beth's been gone.

In other news, I received in the mail today a "seeded slot" for the Great Race 10K here in Pittsburgh in late September. For having a very average athletic background, I'm pretty pumped about that. Not that it's anything special and a lot of people get them, but it's neat to say I'm "seeded." Plus, as you can read from my guest entry on Beth's blog last year, there were a lot of annoying people in front of me at the start of the race in the non-seeded area. It will be nice to not have to worry about them. I think Beth's going to be running it this fall too since I took over the Shutt family 10k PR. She wants it back!!!!!

Well, time to get back to putting the house in one piece before Beth's flight arrives tomorrow.


Beth said...

No fair!! You will have a seeding number and I'll be back with the masses at the Great Race. That means you get at least a 30 second time handicap in our "race for the Shutt 10K"!!! :)

Jennifer Harrison said...

Oh, O is talking smack to Beth about a 10k! careful...Beth will try to get a seeded time now! :) Jen H.