Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chicago Time

So, I get back from the Altoona Curve baseball game around 11:30 last night and I wasn't really tired. So, I wrote a blog entry, read Beth's and the Chicago crew's blogs, watched the baseball highlights on Sportscenter until around 1am. I rationalized that it was simply that I had adjusted to Chicago time here in Pittsburgh, so it was actually earlier.

I followed that trend this morning with not getting up until after 8:30 (only 7:30 Chicago time!!!). Next I checked out the internet for a little bit but realized that I didn't get my butt moving quick enough to fit in a swim before lane swimming ended and the aquatics classes started. Oops.

So, I had to rework my schedule of training today since I had set out to do all three. No problem--bike and run first and then a swim. I looked on the internet mapping and made up a new route that was a little over 13 miles. It was a little hillier than my other route and it took a little longer (about 14.8 mph).

I made this a brick and had my running stuff set out in the garage. Off the bike and then out for a run. The original plan.....note that my workouts aren't really pre-set, I kind of roll with how things are going......was a nice easy 30 minute run since the bike ride was a little sub-par. But, I felt good running, so I picked it up a little bit on the run. I went over to the track (about 12 minutes away) and decided to do some 800's. It turned into a 3x800 at 3:00 pace with 1:00 rest. It went well, I ran 2:58, 2:55, and 2:54. I was very pleased.

After stopping at home and letting Roxy the dog out, I went over to the YMCA to swim. I did 10x100yd. My goal was to keep it around the 2:00 pace with 30 second rest. But, I wanted to see if I could rock one and set a PR. On my second one I went out really hard and even did a flip turn in the deep end! I ended up doing a 1:46, off of the PR by a couple of seconds, but still a good day.

Lunch was a Little Caesar's Pizza (only half, don't worry). Dinner's going to be--you guessed it--the other half of the pizza. Yummie!

So, now I'm watching the movie "Field of Dreams" On-Demand ("People will come, Ray." and "Dad, do you want to have a catch?" are my two favorite lines.) and writing the blog. As far as tonight, no trip to Altoona. I'll have to keep myself busy doing something else, like my "State of the Pirates" Excel Sheet. I'll have to report back on this dismal current state of the franchises' minor league system. Hopefully this year's draft will help improve that.....

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