Thursday, June 26, 2008

Week 1 of Math in Sports Camp Done

Week 1 of "Math in Sports" camp was a success. It was my first foray into a summer elementary enrichment program in my school district. I had fun with it and I get to do it for two more weeks with new sets of kids. It's a decent gig since its Mon-Thu 9-noon. The "camp" involves two of my favorite subjects--Math and Sports. We looked at various topics in many sports including:

Football - Formations, How to add up positive and negative yards, angles formed when running routes, and of course playing football

Baseball - The kids drafted fantasy teams of two hitters and one pitcher that they could change each day. We added up the points to start out each day. We calculated batting average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, OPS, ERA and WHIP. We played some whiffle ball and we talked about the best angle to throw a softball to get maximum distance.

Basketball - We talked about formations on defense (zone vs man) and offense (2 guards/3 forwards or the other). We calculated free throw percentage and compared the kids' shooting against Shaquille O'Neal's.

Track - Running in lane 1 vs the outer lanes. 40 yd dash times. Converting the 40 yd dash time to miles per hour.

I've also been picking up the training this week:

Tuesday -Easy 30 min run with Roxy the dog and softball at night. We won 6-4. I pitched three innings and gave up two runs I went 1 for 3 with a walk and two RBI's and a run scored.

Wednesday - 8x400m @80 seconds w/ half rest with Beth (that was rough!!!). In the afternoon we went to the pool and I did 8 x 200yd on 5:00. I then ran home from the YMCA (just under two miles) and calculated it to be 6:32 mile pace.

Today - Pool in the morning. I did 10X100yd on 2:30. This afternoon 13 mile bike ride. I averaged over 15 mi/hr.

The one bad news from the week is that we thought Roxy was healthy after resting up and only doing short walks. Like I said, we went really easy. But, yesterday she was limping a little and today she's limping even more. We're going to give it a coupe of days to see if the limp goes away. But, if not, it's back to the vet. And, looks like no more running for a LONG time. We can't keep hurting her like this. It's such a shame because we don't know what's exactly causing it. It just randomly started after a run earlier this year. She used to do 15 miles with Beth and I and Roxy was the only one not tired. I just hope that she can get back to not limping. We'll keep you posted....


Kim said...

Hey O! Sounds like Math & Training are coming right along. I'm sorry to hear about Roxy though. You're good doggy parents, just keep taking care of her and I will see you tomorrow! I hear you've been planning out a route! YOU"RE THE BEST!!

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