Sunday, June 29, 2008

All You Can Eat Seats Aftermath

Well, I made it back from the game. The highlights are the Pirates lost 4-3. X-Nady threw a ball from right field way past third when he didn't have a shot of getting the guy. This allowed two runs to score in the 8th and put the Rays up 4-2. The Buccos got one back in the bottom of the 8th with a clutch pinch hit by Ryan Doumit, but that's how it ended.

Also, the game ended just in time because about an hour later, there was a tornado warning around the Pittsburgh area. The final stage of the Tour of Pennsylvania U-25 cycling race (similar style to the Tour de France) was going on downtown and they had to pause the race right in the middle because of the warning. There was a little damage just south/southeast of downtown, but nothing major was reported and no tornado.

Okay, now to the main story. I went to the game today with my dad as a birthday present from Beth in the "All You Can Eat Seats." I have to say, it is a pretty good deal, but I don't recommend going for a night game when you've already had breakfast and lunch.

Going to an afternoon game allowed me to spread out the food over the lunch/dinner time period. You get in there and get your AYCE bracelet from a specific booth and go to the AYCE designated concession stand right by our seats (section 147 by the right field foul pole--above the scoreboard). You're allowed 4 items per trip and, of course, UNLIMITED trips. The food's just pretty much sitting out, so you show them your wrist band and grab four things. So, with all the swim/bike/run workouts yesterday at Moraine and a 15 mile run this morning under my belt, I went to get my money's worth ($35 for the seat and food).

Here's the damage:

Trip 1 (before we even sat in our seats)
1 Hamburger with ketchup
1 Hot Dog with ketchup
1 Tray of Nachos & Cheese
1 Iced Tea (I thought it was really flat pop, but glad to realize it was iced tea)

Trip 2 (After the 3rd inning)
1 Hamburger (used the leftover Nacho cheese to make it a cheeseburger)
1 Hot Dog with Ketchup
1 Pepsi

Trip 3 (Around the 5th inning? Things started to get fuzzy from this point on--food coma)
1 Hamburger with Ketchup
1 Ice Cream sandwich that was very soft so I had to eat it right away before returning to my seat

Trip 4 (6th inning-ish)
1 salad with Italian dressing (I can't believe they had something healthy!)
1 very soft ice cream sandwich that again had to be eaten immediately
1 Diet Pepsi

Trip 5 (8th inning)
1 more ice cream, but this time a little vanilla ice cream cup because they ran out of soggy sandwiches
1 Diet Pepsi

Total Carnage and estimated cost:
3 Hamburgers x $4 = $12
2 Hot Dogs x $3 = $6
1 Nacho x $4 = $4
1 Salad x $4 = $4
3 Ice Creams x $3 = $9
4 Pops (Soda for the non-Western PA folk) x $3 = $12
Total $47....remember that the seat cost $35

....and I didn't pay for parking because I parked about a mile away on the Riverfront Trail near the Heinz Plant (I sure needed that walk after the game). The Pirates definitely lost money on me today.

Also, perhaps I can ask my lovely dietitian wife about how many Calories I went through at the ball yard today! This is definitely a maximum once a year thing, but pretty neat.

Wow. As I've hinted at above, this is definitely something I DO NOT RECOMMEND doing weekly. Although, there were certainly a few people in the section who looked like they did do it weekly....including the older dude beside me who didn't really fit in his seat and we were touching legs since he was in "my space." His comment was "These seats are for Japs." To which I responded in my head, "Dude, first of all that was racist. Secondly, I sure fit fine in this seat. My dad sure fits fine in his seat. Finally, lose a few pounds and you'll fit in that seat better." But, I just kept it all in my head because my mouth was too busy eating.....I'm glad he left after the 6th inning.

So, that's my story and now we're going to try to get Beth all packed up tonight. It's her LEAST favorite thing. I like packing and it's a fun and non-stressful event for me, so I try to lend a hand to her.

Have a good night and good luck to Jen Harrison's Chicago Cubbies to avoid the sweep at the hands of the South Siders. (They were unlucky yesterday with Quentin's homerun. Marmol's usually automatic)


Beth said...

Oh my. I don't even know where to begin.

Should I be embarrassed that I am a dietitian and you ate that much or should I be proud that you got your money's worth.

I'm torn.

Either way, I'm glad you had fun! But next time I have to remember that the food coma will be severe when you get home and I shouldn't expect you to be able to function immediately!! :)

ojs said...

Oh yeah, I took about an hour nap when I got home. Food coma remnants.

Maijaleena said...

Is this why Beth scheduled a trip out of town for a few days? I know I wouldn't want to witness the aftermath...

Way to get your money's worth just in food out of those seats!

Kim said...

Wow O! You ate some serious food - I am impressed. After all that swimming, biking and running, I guess that is a good reward. I got hungry just listening to your food list! I've got to figure out how to create a link to the other people's blogs from my blog. Do you know how to do that? You'll have to tell me how sometime! Have a great week & don't miss Beth too much!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Oh my, O! Cubbies got swept by the Sox!! Ugh...but that is ok, they will come right back. Glad you had fun at the game! I just got done trying to chase your wife around the track! fun! :) Jen H.

Ness said...

Oscar, we are sitting around our little computing table here at camp just in awe of your eating skillz. Beth said she's going to try to outdo you tonight so we're going to try to find an all-you-can-eat place.

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