Monday, October 15, 2012

Columbus Week

(Not to be confused with Columbus Day last Monday)

Six days out until the Columbus Marathon. Taper time! Things went well with the training cycle (other than an ankle delaying the start of training in July and a second ankle that showed up at the end of September). So, we'll see what happens after about mile 15 or 18 or so and see if I can hold on to that 6:53 pace the entire way this year. There is a 3:00 pace group and you better believe I'm going to let the pack do all the thinking and all the work and hope it puts me in a happy place for the last 10k.

Cross country is winding down. We have an invitational this Thursday, WPIALs (the district meet) next Thursday, and then the state meet the following Saturday (11/3). Both the boys and girls are continuing their strong season and maintaining a top-10 ranking in the state. My goal this Thursday is to not run around like a mad man and save the legs for Sunday.

To go back and update a previous post, I thought it would be interesting to track which local team would accrue the most wins from September 6th until the end of the year. Here's the updated standings on number of wins:

1. Pirates - 7 wins and the season over without finishing over least it's been a fun post-season to watch with all the close games
2. Penn State - 4 wins (with 6 games to go)...a tough string of Big Ten games ahead

3. Pitt - 2 wins (with 6 games to go)...still looking for their first conference win
t3. Steelers - 2 wins (with 11 games to go)...not having the season they want so far
5. Penguins - 0 wins (still in a lockout with no end in sight)

The Pirates just may hold on!


Steve said...

Go Pirates!!! :P

I have your Marathon updates coming to my phone. Just did it today.

Good Luck. I won't say you have it in the bad or anything, because sometimes we just need to have a good day outside of our control.

One thing I am confident of though is you will reach your goal... sometime somehow.

I'll be around cheering with my phone too. :)

Beth said...

Oh Pitt.... ;)