Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ankled Again!

It sure seemed innocent enough. As our girls' XC race was nearing its conclusion, I was jogging/shuffling back to near the finish line. Somehow, I caught a patch of terrain that was like a "gutter" and my ankle flexed much like your wrist would when it's bent back too far. I kept on shuffling and it seemed a little sore, but seemed fine.

I wake up this morning and it was REALLY sore and stiff. Not another ankle! This time the right ankle. I tried it out for my run today, which was supposed to be 2 x 5 miles at marathon pace. Yeah. That didn't happen. After my first few strides, I thought about just turning around and going home. But, I hobbled on it up to my favorite place when I have sore body parts - the turf at our local high school's track/football stadium. I hobbled up a 9+ minute mile to the track then decided to try to break up and do some 1-mile intervals on the turf to see what the ankle could do.

Here's what it looked like as I wore a path in around the football field. According to the GPS, Coach A was right - 5 laps do equal just over a mile.

First one...7:29. Still kind of stiff on the ankle, but better than that 9:00 pace

Second one...7:25. Felt like I couldn't possible go any faster, but determined to try to pick it up on the next one

Third one...6:25. Finally started to feel a smoother stride. Decided to go for 6:00 on the next one...

Fourth one...5:39. Okay. The only thing limiting me was more muscle and lung fatigue.

The ankle's healed, right? Wrong. I go to jog home from the track and just the difference in the turf and the road made it agitated and I hobbled home in 9:25 pace. So, some icing, compression, and manipulating of the ankle in hopes of it being ready for Sunday's Great Race. This one doesn't seem as bad, though, considering it was more of a "jam" instead of a "roll" or "twist." We shall see over the next few days I suppose.

Cross Country is going well again. Both our boys and girls teams are ranked in the top 10 in the state. They need to keep up the great work and stay strong over the final 5 weeks.

In other news, the Pirates had an EPIC collapse over the last 6 weeks. I thought it may be entertaining to see, as of Friday, September 7th, which local sports team will accrue the most number of wins in the rest of 2012. Here's the current Standings:

1. Pirates - 4 wins (with 8 games to go)
2. Pitt - 2 wins (with 8 games to go)
t2. Penn State - 2 wins (with 8 games to go)...assuming no more wins get vacated
4. Steelers - 1 win (with 13 games to go)
5. Penguins - 0 wins (with what was SUPPOSED to be 38 games to go in 2012...but there's that whole lockout thing)

Can the Pirates hold off the other teams...


Steve said...

I have sprained my ankle a few times. The morning, and day after are the worst. If you are running you are probably fine. (I know who is this giving me medical advice??)

Ahem, I watched soap operas as a kid, and I remember this one guy who played a Doctor, and he did a commercial about it, also I am pretty sure I stayed at a Holiday Inn express at some point.

Now that my credentials are established... My Sox are struggling too.

Not to make a long comment, but you know what I realized this morning?? I have absolutely no power whether they win or lose. No need to get worked up. (I do get worked up when I watch though)

Hope you can do your race this weekend. :)

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