Saturday, September 15, 2012

Raise the....

...White Flag on the Pirates' season (I wish I was saying Raise the Jolly Roger instead). I conceded the year after Sunday's defeat against the Cubs. They have gone on and lost four more in a row for good measure. The funny part is that they are still only 3 games out of a wild card spot. A little win streak would be them right back in it but that would be hard to believe at this point.

In other news, amazing athlete and all-around good guy Ben completed his first Ironman distance race in sub-10 hours. He was drafting it yesterday so it may be getting posted soon. Kim also had a great day there!

Cross country is off to a great start. In the first big invitational of the year, we racked up a couple of runner-up spots on the boys and girls. It's just a matter of keeping the effort and hard work as we work towards making it to the state meet. We did have some crazy horizontal rain just before the girls' JV race started. The winds were so fierce that it snapped our tents.

My training has been moving along. The ankle issue seems to have gone away. My mileage is back up in the 60's with last week hitting 72. I had a real good 25+ mile run on the Pittsburgh marathon course last Sunday. My pace was right around my "PR" of 3:14. It's amazing what a little cooler weather can do. The Great Race is coming up in a few weekend and then October 21st I'll be in Columbus.

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Steve said...

I just saw the Pirates were one game over .500 this morning. Not positive, but I thought they were 20 games over at one point or so.

Baseball is a tough game, that is for sure.

Remember that one year when the Cardinals seemingly lost their way into the Playoffs, and won the World Series??

I wouldn't give up hope, but I know watching your team squander so many games can drive you nuts. I never look at the box score when My Sox lose. :)