Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Swing and Ankle Update

The past few days we were celebrating the life of Beth's grandfather. One of the recurring themes at his viewing were people who came up and said that he either was their neighbor or had built their house. Being a good neighbor and an excellent homebuilder are two great qualities to be remembered for.

There were sad times, but lots of good memories as well. At his home, he had a swing (and many of the neighbors mentioned how the kids loved coming to play on the swing!). So, Beth wanted to give it one more try while we were down there and it was fun.

Here's a few shots of her swinging.

Then, she twisted the swing and spun around and here are the results:

Kind of like at minor league baseball games with the in-between inning entertainment where they get fans to spin around on the baseball bat and then ATTEMPT to run in a straight line to the other side. To quote Beth's uncle, watching her do that was "a hoot."

In other news, my ankle has FINALLY come around after four weeks. Monday I ran 15 miles and then today (Tuesday) I did 3x1600 under 6:00 pace. Here's a revised summer racing schedule:

7/14 Knoch 5k (not doing because of ankle - read on)
7/22 Quench 5k (a friend's church is putting it on to raise money for a water system in Haiti)
8/4 St. Barnabas 5k (
Enjoyed my first time racing it last year)
8/11 Brookline Breeze 5k (This will be new race for me)
9/30 The Great Race (Seeded spot!)
10/21......the Columbus Marathon (that's right, I'll be subjecting myself to another shot at that 2:59:59)
I'm not sure about going to this weekend's race, but we'll see how the ankle feels. The big target(s) are (obviously) the Great Race and the Columbus marathon.

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