Friday, August 10, 2012

Not Welcome at PNC

Well, that one hurt for the Pirates. Up 7-1, they manage to lose 9-8 (even after retaking the lead 8-7). Chase Headley sure would've looked nice in a Pirate uniform tonight. He couldn't be stopped. James McDonald was not able to capitalize on the leads he was given, not the sign of an elite pitcher that he looked like earlier in the year.

They are now 1-2 (.333 average) when I've gone this year. Keep in mind they have the BEST HOME RECORD IN ALL OF BASEBALL!!! They are 34-17 (.667 average...twice as good) at home when I don't go. Sorry everybody. I even tried the inside-out rally cap in the 9th to no avail.

On a brighter note, apparently it turns out that when you pour a Heinz Ketchup Bottle, an Andrew McCutchen comes out.

Of course, can't make a post about going to a Pirate game without giving a shot of the magnificent downtown skyline. 

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