Sunday, September 5, 2010


To keep with the start of football, I figured I'd give this post a football theme and present the past few days in the over-under format.

The first week of school went smoothly. The beginning of the week was crazy playing catchup from last weekend, however I started hitting my stride by Wednesday and by Friday had made all the copies and had next week all planned out.

I'm not a big fan of Pitt being a Penn State guy, but I tolerate them since it's the local university. However, sometimes it just really gets under my skin how big of a head their fans get. The last few weeks all that is heard on the local radio is how Pitt has 4 or 5 potential all-americans and how Dion Lewis is in the running for the Heisman and how the team is in a good position to make a run at a national title. That game in Utah sure didn't go too well for them and I hope that it calms the fervor of the Panthers. They've still got 4 games before the Big East Schedule (New Hampshire, Miami, Florida International, and Notre Dame). I'm saying take the under.

With the HUGE disclaimer that it was all done against 1-AA Youngstown State, true Freshman Rob Bolden sure looks like the real deal. Solid passing and good pocket presence. He didn't even really get a chance to use his legs.

It will be a whole new world next week...

Yes, it may get ugly next weekend in Tuscaloosa (photos from our trip down there for USAT Nationals last year), but I think JoePa and company realize that they've got a pretty nice talent in Bolden and he's going to make every start this year, barring injury. Take the under.

Beth and I are really into the group Hillsong and their live praise music. Beth is REALLY into their song 'None But Jesus' and it's Spanish counterpart 'Solo Cristo' right now. I was driving down to the church (approx 30-35 min) and she was in charge of the IPod. Total times played--7 or 8?? Take the over.

Sunday night, Beth and I made the trek to the Olive Garden to utilize a birthday card from my sister (thanks, Daph & T). This is our favorite time of year at the OG because of the Never-Ending Pasta Bowl where you mix and match combinations of pasta and sauces. They give you smaller servings so you can enjoy more varieties.

Beth and I got our money's worth tonight! She was coming off a 23-mile run this morning (plus a crazy week of training) and I am just getting back into the training and logged 8.5 this morning. Our waitress underestimated us, I think, and didn't even come back for a while after bowl #1. However, the final toll was 8 bowls (5 for O, 3 for B), 7 breadsticks, 1 salad bowl, and 5 water glasses.

Take the over.

For the past FOURTEEN years me and a couple of guys from my dorm floor way back in my freshman year at Etown, we have done a fantasy baseball league. However, things were not quite the same the last few years and people were not as committed to it. This year, the commish decided not to have the league. It was kind of sad to see the streak end.

However, no fear, a few days after the decision was made to suspend the league, Beth's cousin asked me to join his league. And, as luck would have it, I ended up having a pretty good summer and ended up 1st place in the regular season with a double-digit game lead on 2nd. The top 4 make the playoffs and they start next week. It's a new season and I just hope my luck and the players stats can hold up for two more weeks. We shall see. I'll be confident and take the under and hope that I'll at least make it to the final 2.

The same cousin also invited me to join his fantasy football league, too. My NFL knowledge is very much lacking compared to MLB. You've never seen the Steelers depth chart analysis in this blog at any time. But, I figured what the heck, why not. The draft was Monday night and it's done online. The nice thing about the Yahoo drafts is that it will automatically will select players for you if you are not present for the draft. So, I figure this is a good strategy for me.

I logon a couple of hours after the draft started and it's in the final round. My turn comes up, I look over the list, and take a flyer on Josh Cribbs hoping that he'll not only get some receiving yds and TD's but maybe have some contributions in the return game and perhaps a few passes out of the wildcat formation. At least that's what always seems to happen when he plays the Steelers.

The highlights of my computer-generated team are Drew Brees, Andre Johnson, and Jason Witten. However, I have to admit, my automated draft picked up three guys I had never heard of before - TE John Carlson (SEA) and WR's Johnny Knox (CHI) and Julian Edelman (NE). Last place here I come! Take the OVER to the bank ASAP.

So that's it for now. Off to enjoy a nice Labor Day (although Beth's least it's time and a half) and then a 4-day week at school. Next weekend is the first big HS XC invitational and Beth has her last tuneup for Kona. She's 'just' doing a 70.3 out at Cedar Point. She's heading out Friday and I'm going to meet her out there after the invitational on Saturday.


Beth said...

Oh you are totally exaggerating - we only listened to None But Jesus like 5 times.

Also, your performance tonight at the OG was quite impressive. I could tell, you had that look in your eye. Although as a dietitian I should write a disclaimer that I did not encourage this type of behavior at all (at least the serving sizes are smaller). :)


Steve said...

Funny Post. Johnny Knox is talented, but A Bear, so who knows.

I don't know much about the Bears either, but I know they were 0-4, and Cutler was running for his life.

Good luck with your Fantasy teams.