Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to the Grind (and the 81-day streak ends)

This week started back the routine of the 12-hour school/practice/commute days. Also, I'm starting (albeit slowly) back to the training routine--I figure with the whole first week of school madness I'd hold off on getting the serious training going until Labor Day weekend.

Last week was the preparation week for school--meetings, setting up the room, checking out class rosters, preparing the first week or two of lessons, mapping out the fall schedule, etc. Things were going quite smoothly and I was set to tie up the loose ends on Friday in-between two-a-days. However, my stomach had other ideas...

Friday morning I was working with the girls timing a 400 repeat workout. Things were going well. I was checking out splits, offering encouragement, and keeping them rolling. Then, with about two or so repeats to go, the girls are off and running and I think, "Whew, I don't know if I feel too hot." The workout wraps up after what seemed like forever to complete the last two 400's. We record their last 400 time to use it as a gauge for the next workout, but I just needed to sit down to record the times (feeling dizzy...). Leaning up against the fence wasn't cutting it anymore.

Due to some issues located as JoePa called this summer "a little bit below the intestines" I then make what I will label as a "strategic trip to the lockerroom" while the girls are cooling down, and come back out to see the girls off at the end of practice. They leave and I head back up towards the school.

I didn't get too far.

I'm about three steps off the track surface when my stomach revolted. Fortunately, there was a garbage can right there, being a football stadium and all. My stomach was not happy. Yuck!

I make it up to school and figure if I lay down in the teacher's lounge for a little bit I might feel better. Two and a half hours later I wake up and try to get a few things done on the computer, but that ill-fated effort lasted about 30 minutes. I go back and lay down again hoping I'd feel better by afternoon practice. After another two hour nap, 3:00 rolls around and head is still spinning, I'm hot then cold then hot then cold, and the stomach still isn't my friend. So, I check with the coaches and have their blessing to head home and not infect the team with my stomach virus.

I get home and do much of the same through, oh, about Saturday dinner time. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Stomach grumble. Sleep. Unhappy belly. Sleep. Watch the Pirates losing again. Sleep. Hear for the 186th time the words "Lastings Millege" and "misplayed fly ball" in the same sentence. Sleep. Sleep.

Finally, by Saturday night I started to feel a little better, got a little bit of food down, and was able to go home for my Grandma's 80th birthday party on Sunday.

She's awesome. She's the pitzelle maker, the one who would take care of me when I was sick back in elementary school, she goes to so many church softball games and I remember even dragging her down for a Pirates double-header back in the late 90's--what a saint!!

We get home from the birthday party and I start getting ready for the first day of school. That's when it hits me, where are my dress shoes?

Turns out I hadn't worn them since the last day of school and they've been tucked away since June. To that effect, I hadn't worn long pants, only shorts (unless you count a softball uniform), either all summer.

How did that 81-day streak happen? Not quite sure, but I guess there weren't any weddings or formal events and we rock the shorts and sandals for the Saturday night church service all summer. Ah, the life of a teacher!!

On the cross country front, we've got an invitational this weekend and then things really get rolling for cross country with five straight weekends of invitationals and some dual meets sprinkled in on Tuesdays. It should be a fun year. Both the boys and girls teams are young, but we'll see what they can do.

Off to make sure my ties didn't run off this summer either....although it's going to be another 90-degree day, so I may just go with the short-sleve polo shirt for a few days.


Steve said...

geez, you were really really sick. Yuck!! Good thing you were able to make that strategic trip to the bathroom.

I was thinking last week how busy you are during school. SHEESH!! Good thing it is fun for you, unless the Steelers don't do good I guess. Mondays may not be so good. :) That is assuming Pittsburgh sports radio is just as obnoxious as Chicago.

Good Luck this year!!

Beth said...

Grandma Hodge is th best isn't she?? ;)