Friday, April 11, 2008

Pirate Loss = No Blogging

Not really....just a busy week with track and school and stuff. Here's a quick recap:


Did a 60 minute run with Beth (Roxy the dog joined us, too). Normal day at school. Track practice was solid--a rotation of bleacher work, finding your "mark" on the runway board, and pop-ups into the sand.

No Pirate game (they keep the day after the opener free just in case the opener gets rained out so they save themselves ticket headaches)

Pizza night (DiGiorno style), so that was good. Grocery shopping and bed.


Beth and I did a track workout: 800-1600-800-800-200-200. You can read details about it in her blog. It was a toughie!!!!! At track, it was a pre-meet day, so we got out of there kind of quick.

The Pirates went extra innings (again) and this time Phil Dumatrait gave up a few runs in the 13th after two scoreless innings. That was tough. I wish the offense would get it going a little more so it didn't come to the 13th inning. JBay and LaRoche finally homered, but they're still not hitting that great (especially LaRoche .129)

Also, the Pens were pretty physical against Ottawa and beat them up 4-0. Gary Roberts (42 years old) was a MONSTER!!!! We'll see how it goes tonight in game 2.


I took the AM off from workouts because I knew I had a long day ahead with the away track meet. We couldn't have asked for a much better week of practice, so I was looking for good things. The jumpers didn't disappoint. Just about everybody had a 2008 PR. There were two guys over 18' in the LJ. Also, that freshman jumper who had the "down" on Saturday, had a BIG UP in this meet. She jumped 15'8" and had another that was further, but she fell back. HJ tied & set PR's on the girls side and TJ had a solid day.

The Pirates were the same old Pirates. Matt Morris had 5 solid innings, but got into trouble in the 6th inning. But, what is manager John Russell to do? The bullpen was SPENT from the last two extra inning games. So, out goes Morris in the 6th and with some hard luck and some hard hit balls the score changed from 3-2 Bucs to 7-3 Cubs. On a positive note, Evan Meek pitched two scoreless innings and struck out Derek Lee on this nasty 97mph ball in on his hands. Maybe there's hope for Meek yet......maybe.


The end to a brilliant weather week. It's supposed to get a little chillier this weekend, but hopefully nothing too bad. No meet this weekend, but practice is still on albeit altered due to a 10k run at the high school.

I swam with Beth this morning and did 10x100yd with decreasing intervals 2:45 (2), 2:40 (2), 2:35 (2), 2:30 (2), 2:25 (2). I kept all of them around 1:58-2:00, so the rest was the remaining. I wasn't sure what type of results I would have since I didn't go swimming yet this week.

Tomorrow, we're having a few friends over to watch the TV coverage of the Ford Ironman 70.3 World Championship, which Beth competed in last November. It will be neat to see how the do the coverage even though we know who won. I wonder if they'll sneak a shot of Beth at some point?

Well, off to take care of some odds and ends and to see if the Pirates can finally win and if the Pens can go up 2-0 on the Senators.

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