Friday, April 25, 2008

On the way to St. Pete

Well, I'm at the airport, waiting for my flight to Philly which will take me down to Tampa. I just talked to Beth and she's all settled in down there already (I dropped her off before school this morning). I'll be meeting Beth's parents at the Tampa airport and we'll head over to the hotel together. It's going to be a fun weekend. I'm looking forward to Beth's race on Sunday. I think she's ready for a great day!

I don't know where the week went. Well, I guess I do but here's a recap:


Both Monday and Tuesday were in-service days where we teachers get to meet together and learn about new technologies and strategies. Sometimes they're dull, but I went to some good ones this time.


We had our section championship quadrangular and the girls ended up being back to back undefeated section champs. That hasn't happened since the mid-80's. On the jumping end, I was pumped to see a PR for a senior in the LJ (15'10") and other solid efforts by a few freshmen. The team playoff semifinals is next Wednesday

The guys ended up 3rd, but it's a tough section. They don't lose too many seniors, so they should be strong next year.

The rest of the week was a blur getting ready for the trip. I got a run on Monday and a swim on Tuesday (10x100yd - kept all under 2:00)with Beth before school and a run with Roxy the dog on Thursday. I notice that when Beth's tapering my training goes down also. Oops!

The Pirates ended up losing 6 in a row before coming back to win two before losing again. The starting pitching needs to get going. Not to mention Sanchez, Bay, and LaRoche. This team has the potential to be okay, but the problem is everybody needs to be doing their best to have a chance to contend.

Before I get on the plane, I'm going to grab some dinner. I'm a big fan of Qdoba and the closest one to our house is about 20 minutes away, so I'm going to take advantage of that here in a few minutes.

I hope everybody enjoys their weekend and I hope I get to meet some of Beth's fellow triathlon bloggers this weekend. Good luck to all who are competing!!!!

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