Sunday, April 29, 2012


Time to get in my April newsletter edition of this blog. Once track ends I'm sure this whole blogging thing will pick up again. It always seems to. In this issue, you will find:

*It's one week until the marathon! Taper has set in and we'll see how things go. Here's last year's preview of the course. Pretty much the same thing this year except it's going to finish near Point State Park instead of the North Shore because the Pirates have a home game this year.

*Beth had a great race down in New Orleans for pro Race #2.

*While Beth was down in NOLA, I was in the DC area visiting a good friend from the PSU days for their wedding weekend. I couldn't make it down on Saturday in time for the wedding (due to a track meet, of course), but I was able to hang out with them on Sunday. The original plan was to go to the Washington Nationals baseball game, but it was a rainy day in the upper 40's so that got scrapped (too bad because it was Gio Gonzalez vs. Josh Johnson). Instead, we went to the Air & Space Museum by Dulles Airport. It was good timing because the shuttle Discovery had just arrived a few days earlier. Pretty impressive.


What I noticed was the outer shell of the spaceship wasn't smooth like an airplane, rather it was pieced together with all the individual unique tiles for the heat resistance. Not sure if that comes out in the pictures, but pretty neat

*The 15 weeks with my first ever student teacher flew by and just finished. She did a great job and I think I learned a lot from sitting in the room as a student and definitely took things away that I will be able to use now and for next year.

*Speaking of flying by, track is flying by. After two beautiful 70+ degree days for our first two meets in March it has been wet and cold for the rest of our meets. Both the boys and girls made the district team playoffs and the individual qualifiers are coming up, too.

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Beth said...

I very much enjoyed this April newsletter. Can't wait until May's edition! ;)