Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Has Sprung?

It's April! Start of the baseball season! Two track meets so far in April and......IT SNOWED AT BOTH!!!! Here's a picture of me driving to Saturday's meet.

Today, we had more snow flurries at our meet. My workout this morning was in the rain/snow of mid-30's temperatures bringing back memories of the Turkey Trot. It's just not right. But, hopefully things will start warming up.

Training is going well. Last week I had 5x1000 at 5k pace on Wednesdsay, 17 mi with 14 miles at marathon pace on Saturday, and 5x600 at 5k pace today. I'm doing a 10k Saturday (Martha's Run from last year) and 17 on Sunday. This weekend will be 5 weeks to go. It's getting close. And, thanks again to all who have been so generous in donating to the Alzheimer's Association on my behalf. It's so awesome to see how many people are willing to support. If you haven't had a chance yet and would like to, you can donate here.

I also need to get around to my Pirates preview. Last spring, I wrote a blog on why the Pirates couldn't be any worse. Well, they were worse. So, I'm not going to write an opinion on whether they'll be better or worse. I'll just focus on individuals.

Even though it's a few days late, my concern for the year is starting pitching (off to a great start) and infield defense (kind of ugly so far). I feel Neil Walker will regress to his minor league stats (he's off to an awesome start) but think Tabata and McCutchen will take off this year (so far so good). Through five games, they LOOK better. But, we shall see.....



Beth said...

Fingers crossed for no snow today!!! We can only hope right?? :)

m said...

I hope you guys get some warmer weather soon. Snow and track meets dont mix too well.

Marathon training sounds like its going great. Keep it up.

runningyankee said...

i read a thing about how the pirates were going to be the sleeper team this year... ok maybe it was a FB post by LaMarr Woodley..but could happen!