Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Hay's in the Barn

We're heading off towards Philly Friday evening. The big day is Sunday. I'm excited and am looking forward to seeing what all this training since July will produce.

That's about it from here. Time for bed to rest up.


Jennifer Harrison said...


Steve said...

Good Luck this weekend. I'll definitely be pulling for you from Michigan. I had to look up what a 6:30 pace for a marathon was. That was never really on my list of things to look up for some reason. :-)

Anyway you are really fast, and I hope you break 2:50. I assume that is the goal.

Best Wishes!!!

oh yeah hay in the barn?? what the??

polar barb said...

Good luck O!! You are going to crush the marathon :) Have a great time!!

wonderwoman said...

Good Luck out there O! You're ready for a BIG PR!!!! Can't wait to hear how it goes.

Wendy said...

Good Luck O! Praying for you!

Steve said...

Man that was nerve racking. I kept seeing the 30K split and hoping it was wrong. Those dang marathons are sooooo hard. I hope you chalk this one up to a training run, recover, and do a spring one.

Last year I improved from spring to fall by 45 minutes. You have the speed, just need a good day.

I know you are disappointed. That is why marathons are fun though, because it is a process. We fail more than we succeed, but it keeps us hungry!! Makes us sign up for the next one too.

Good Luck!! I hope you chalk it up to experience and stay after it. Might as well, not too many people as talented as you.