Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Back from sickness (almost)

My apologies for no posts in the past week. Between track during the week and then becoming deathly ill (okay not that bad) over the weekend, it's been a rough go of it. I'll try to go chronologically to get up to speed--after I layout my crazy weekend.

Okay, you have to remember that this is coming from the perspective of someone who RARELY gets sick. Once a year is often for me.

So, I go running with Beth and Roxy the Dog on Friday morning before school. Probably not the best idea to take Roxy with us, but she had missed some walks due to my ankle and it was a nice morning. But, Roxy tugging did not make for a good debut on my ankle. However, I survived. I get to school and notice that I'm coughing some. What. The. Heck. (to steal a phrase from Beth) I didn't even go swimming I shouldn't be coughing or congested or anything! Last week it was my ankle. This week it's my coughing! I hope this doesn't last all weekend I thought......

So, I go through my day and practice, but by the time I get home I'm getting those sickness "chills" even though it was 60 or so degrees. Bummer. We ran a couple of errands after dinner and got a blizzard at DQ. We got home and I could barely finish my blizzard. Let me write that again: I COULD BARELY FINISH MY BLIZZARD!!!

We go to bed, but I'm getting the chills and sweats and then, in the middle of the night my stomach starts killing me. I go over to the bathroom, but no luck on helping the situation. So, I didn't want to go to the whole way back to bed, so I just laid down on the floor/carpet outside the bathroom. Roxy came by to visit, but when she realized that I wasn't going to feed her at 1am, she went back into bed with Beth. Apparently my groaning from my stomach got so loud Beth said she needed to get some sleep and was going to go downstairs. I volunteered instead since our extra room has a couch and a bathroom--the two things I needed the most at the time.

After another hour or so of this torture, the pain subsided enough that I got off the floor of the extra room and slept on the couch down there until my alarm went off for track practice Saturday morning. The weird part was, other than being a little tired from only getting 4 or so hours of sleep, everything else felt fine. Stomach was fine. I ate a granola bar and off to track practice.

So, since it was the first day of Saturday track practice, I felt compelled to go. Plus, I felt fine. We had a wonderful sunny day as the rain stayed north of us and the kids got long jump, triple jump, and high jump practice in and now know what to expect for next Wednesday.

I get home and can feel that I'm starting to get a little congested, but not bad. Saturday night we go to church (a couple of GREAT one-liners from the pastor I'll share later this week) and then Hoss's afterward. I'm a little congested still, but not bad--still planning on running at least half of Beth's two hour run on Sunday. I wake up Sunday morning and WHAM-O!!!!! the flu bug hit. Achy all over, hot, cold, you name it! By Sunday afternoon I wasn't blindsided anymore, but still felt dizzy and it's been the same through today. I'm hoping that it's now clearing up and I can get back to school tomorrow.

This is the first time since 11th grade that I've had to "call in" sick two consecutive days. Unbelievable. But, BIG thanks to Beth for tolerating all of my groaning and sickness and helping me on my road to recovery.

Again, keep this all in perspective. I'm not used to being sick so I think it's almost entertaining. I feel bad for people who repeatedly get sick or pneumonia or anything of the like. My heart and prayers go out to you if you have to endure what I endured this weekend more than once every ten years.

Okay, where did I leave off from the previous blog? That's right--Tuesday. Track was really cold the first two days, but the weather finally started to break on Wednesday. On Wed, we rearranged the high jump mats so that it would be jumpable. Thursday, we uncovered the long jump pits to find that the sand was still frozen after you got about 3 inches deep. So, we left it open overnight and on Friday we had a rare opening week opportunity to get into the pit as it was in the 50's. Our first meet is a week from tomorrow (the 18th). Early season track meets are always interesting....

The ankle's coming along, but not perfect. It's to the point now where I forget that I hurt it and I go to demonstrate something to the kids but then remember mid-jump that it still isn't 100%.

Both the boys and girls won in their opening game round over the weekend. The girls play round 2 tonight (not being broadcast on the internet--boo) and the boys play Wed night. Good luck!


The picture I saw when I woke up Monday morning on ESPN.com's main page said it all. Penn State and Arizona are about as much on the bubble as you can get and Davidson looks like they're not going to have a chance to repeat their magic from last year. How did they get there?

Penn State had a HUGE come from behind win at the BJC against Illinois last Thursday. I said to my teaching "neighbor" the next room over (also a PSU alum) on Friday that they needed two more wins to make me feel comfortable making it into the tourney. Well, win #1 didn't come against Iowa on the road on Saturday. They were down by 9 late, somehow came back to tie it, but then lost it in double overtime. Had they won that they would have been the #2 seed in the Big Ten Tourney this week. Instead, they are now the #6 seed and no bye. Their path now is a matchup against #11 Indiana and then (hopefully with a win) a second round matchup against Purdue. I still say they need two more wins to feel safe.

Arizona stumbled down the stretch and lost to Cal but beat Stanford. They're the #5 seed taking on #4 seed Arizona State. They need to win that game and have a strong showing against the #1 seed Washington.

Davidson ran into a tough defense against Charleston and never got on track and lost in the semifinals of the Southern Conference tournament. The projections have them out of the NCAA tourney right now, but not by much. So, we need to cheer for bubble teams everywhere to lose (except for PSU and UA) so the Wildcats and Stephen Curry can get another chance.

If you're curious, here are the teams that you should root AGAINST and hope the LOSE:

ACC: Miami, BC, Maryland (can't root against VT since Beth & I went there for a semester)
Big East: Providence
Big Ten: Everybody but Penn State
Big 12: Oklahoma State, Kansas State
SEC: Florida, South Carolina, Auburn
Mountain West: San Diego St, UNLV, New Mexico

And root that all high seeded teams win the automatic bids (no 4-12 Georgia teams winning the SEC, okay?)

We'll see what happens. Things will change so much between now and Sunday. Welcome to the madness!

I'll save the Pirates update for another day...

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Angel said...

Glad that you are feeling better. When Oscar can't finish a blizzard...I'm surprised Beth didn't take you to the ER to find out what was wrong! = )

We were just talking that it won't be long before basketball polls....